What Ball Size and Rim Height do the kids play at?

Ball Size:                          RIM HEIGHT:

  • U7 - 27.5                                   U7 - 8 Foot
  • U9 - 28.5                                   U9 - 10 Foot
  • U11 - 28.5                                 U11 - 10 Foot
  • U14 - Full Size                          U14 - 10 Foot

What IS GOING ON With practice court locations?

This season we have been faced with a new and UBER challenging obstacle, lack of practice courts.  In seasons past Todd Maddox would drop by the front office of the local area schools and fill out a quick form and get immediate access to courts including Hoover, Indialantic Elementary and Gemini.  We have NEVER had a problem in the past with using any of these schools until this season.  New administration, new School Board, and most notable, AN EXTREMELY HEIGHTENED RISK MANAGEMENT protocol due to the increased threat of violence on campus!  The process of filling out a quick form and showing them proof of insurance, which took 10 minutes in the past, has now become a quick form that has to get approved by the Principal of the School, then forwarded to the Risk Management Department of the Brevard Public School Board for review.  Since this is a new process to us we didn't anticipate the timeline taking longer than a quick driveby and we are now at the mercy of the School Boards approval ;-(  The reason for this new process is since we are on school property at the same time as students in after care, we are considered unauthorized and our players, coaches and parents pose a potential security threat to any children still on campus.  While Gemini didn't foresee any reason why the School Board wouldn't approve us playing on their grounds because the basketball courts are beyond the fenced in campus, Indialantic has told us that there is no way to allow us access since the courts are within the school yard fence.  We have met personally with Gemini and Indialantic to try and resolve this quickly and Gemini has submitted the paperwork to the School Board for approval.  We should hopefully have clearance to play there shortly, but Indialantic does not see a way to allow us on campus and has all but shut the door on us.  We have local parks available and Hoover has been wonderful in allowing us to practice there anytime throughout the week.  We hope to have Gemini approval by 12/15 so sit tight for an update.

Frequently Asked Questions

with 35 seasons of the beach-sides best basketball, You would think that we have all the answers ;-)  Here are some frequently asked questions.

When do our players get their jerseys?

As always, our season is squished right in between baseball, football, soccer and many other sports.  To top it off we have the holidays that always throw us behind with practice, team placement, trades, etc.  This season is no exception, we had to push the registration deadline back because almost 1/3 of our players hadn't registered and it would have caused for complete chaos post draft with all the late add-ons.  To compound this timeline issue all the trades and coach requested add-ons cause for serious delays in jersey ordering because make up jerseys are last off the press and sometimes don't get printed till after the mid-point of the season.  Just this week we finalized our numbers and jersey order so we are 2 weeks out from getting printing done and delivered and will have by the end of the holiday break.  For the first 2 weeks we have league pinnies that 1 team will wear over their shirts to signify the difference in teams.  Coaches will be notified of their team colors so kids can wear a shirt in that color if possible.  

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